Jesus Christ March

This month has started out pretty great! 

Here are some brief glimpses at my world this month so far:


#13 on the GEWC for ‘Giving Water, Taking Ash’!

Review and half page ad in Outburn Magazine!

Sending out some release party swag today #shallowgraves #productpdx

Sending out some release party swag today #shallowgraves #productpdx


The official release of Shallow Graves is today and I am feeling pretty awesome about it! It has been a year in the making and a crazy journey to boot. I have to admit I went through a bit of a musical crisis when creating this album, but am extremely happy with the results. 

But now:

Check out the review from ID:YD:

Coming Soon

Just a few days left! Shallow Graves is coming! You have until Tuesday to preorder! 


Review by Peek-a-Boo Music Magazine

'Giving Water, Taking Ash' sounds a bit like C-Lekktor versus Suicide Commando. So fans of one of these bands will be deleted, for sure! Love the screaming and the intelligent mixing! This one is for sure an incoming bomb! Who survived this one?” 

Thank you for the great review - visit the site to read the full review: Peek-a-Boo Music Magazine

News on Terra Relica

Check out the news release about Shallow Graves on  the Terra Relica site:

Seattle! City on the sound!

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Portland date for False Face!

Hometown! (PS fuck christmas) 

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San Francisco Friends!

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God Module False Face Tour 2014

We are very happy to be joining the awesome God Module crew for a few dates on their upcoming False Face Tour in February 2014!