[product] is a Harsh EBM project based in Portland, Oregon. Stemming from the aggression of the world around them, [product] delivers only the harshest words, exposing deception and addiction in deep rooted decay. Since it’s conception in 2008, [product] has played with Android Lust, Mankind is Obsolete, Slick Idiot, Unter Null, and HexRx; as well as a handful of headlining spots locally. With 2010’s “…and the Connection Fails” and “Drown the Horses, There’s No Tomorrow EP,” [product] has solidified it’s place in the NorthWest as the most anticipated local industrial artist.

In 2008, after breaking away from local Portland industrial band Injekted, Michael Kurt began work on his solo work, which would later become [product]. In January 2008, Kurt took [product] to the East Coast, playing Xris Smack’s STIMULATE, and Washington DC’s EXPOSURE at Club Liv, with the aid of longtime friend DJ MERC! Returning to Portland with a new inspiration and live experience, [product] went in to the studio. With some help from fellow Portland artist, nolongerhuman, Kurt released the first demo, “placement.” The demo filtered through the local community and the DJ circuit before landing [product] a handful of shows in Portland.

In 2009, after the success of “placement,” [product]’s follow-up demo “Reassignment” hit the local clubs with force, landing them a spot opening for Slick Idiot. Later that year, [product] hit the road to Canada, playing Edmonton’s Mead Hall with friends Psykkle, and Mein Fukt, with the support of new keyboardist Levi.

In 2010, [product] continued to build their sound and live success, opening for Stiff Valentine, SMP, HexRx, Unter Null, Cyanotic, Android Lust, Mankind is Obsolete, and Access Zero in both Portland and Seattle. 2010 also saw the release of “…and The Connection Fails,” the third and final demo from [product].

2011 brought a new EP, “Drown the Horses EP,” and many more amazing shows, including French Industrial Metal group Obszön Geschöpf. After a good portion of the year taken off to improve personal lives, quality of production, and live shows, [product] returned to the game fully refreshed and ready to tear down every stage in the path.

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