'Shallow Graves' up for Pre-Order

Label mates W.A.S.T.E did a really awesome remix of one of my favorite tracks from the new album ‘So Lost.’ This remix will only be available if you pre-order the album directly from the Vendetta Music Bandcamp Page.

For those of you not in the pre-ordering mood, the album comes out on January 14th with standard remixes from IVardensphere (AKA Codename Canadian Breezey) and Asylum (AKA Der AutoDecke.) PS - these remixes kick the albums ass, but don’t tell anyone. 

"Shallow Graves" up for Pre-Order NOW!

Head over to the Vendetta Music Bandcamp Page now to Pre-Order the newest [product] release “Shallow Graves." When you pre-order the digital release you get an exclusive remix of "So Lost" from Label mates W.A.S.T.E

You can either pre-order the digital release or the digipak physical release! 

Shallow Graves is the dynamically powerful follow up to 2012’s COP International release I, Omega. After self-releasing the Awaken The Alchemist EP in 2013, which featured remixes from witch house idols M‡яc▲ll▲ and V▲LH▲LL, it became clear that [product] was heading away from the club-track heavy feel of I, Omega and on to new, more experimental territory. Enlisting help from Detroit Diesel, iVardensphere, Acylum, and X-Fusion Music Productions, Shallow Graves quickly became a progressive expansion for [product]. 

Preorders will receive the exclusive bonus track, So Lost (W.A.S.T.E. Remix) on the release date.


releases 14 January 2014 
All tracks written and produced by Michael Kurt. 
Mastering by X-Fusion Music Production (www.x-m-p.de
Artwork by Kallisti Design (www.kallistidesign.com


T-Shirt Contest

[product] is running a facebook contest right now! Head over to the Official Facebook Page for details! An “Every God is a Graveyard” T-Shirt is on the line! 

Live Member Profile: Wes

I have known Wes for a number of years. We first met at a show for my old project [injekted] and had a strange friend connection from when I lived in Hawaii. For the last couple years Wes and I have been swapping remixes and collaborating on some different fun things - at one point we lived together and were the worst people on earth! Earlier in 2013 I asked Wes to be a part of the [product] live show and am extremely pleased with this! Wes plays keys sometimes, but the newest venture has been stage lighting - which has added so much to the live show.


What was the first industrial album you purchased?

At this point, I’m not sure what the first industrial album I ever purchased was. I was introduced to industrial when a friend of a friend showed up and started playing :wumpscut:, VNV, and Project Pitchfork. I also was listening to Bigod 20 without knowing that they would be associated with industrial, or that industrial was a thing.

If I really had to pin down the first industrial album I actually bought, it is likely the answer is Syncope by Tactical Sekt, Burning Heaven by Distorted Memory, or something by Combichrist.

What has been the most influential industrial album to your own music?

This has morphed quite a bit over the past few years. In earlier times I would have said Syncope. That album definitely has a strong residual influence over my music; it directed me into harsh EBM, and my music could arguably still be defined as such. Now, however, I would say the most influential album is actually a trilogy of albums, specifically The Void Trilogy by Die Sektor (Applied Structures in a VoidFinal Electro Solution, and (-)existence). Their instrumentation and cleaner vocal style has changed how I look at my own music.

I am also highly influenced by hip-hop and hardcore/post-hardcore music. The tropes of these genres are disparate, but both feature heavily in my song structure and beats.

What are you currently listening to most often?

(-)existence is on heavy rotation right now. I also have a constant love affair with Aviator, a post-hardcore band from Maryland.

I also spend a large amount of time listening to Supreme Court arguments.

Which [product] live performance has been the most memorable?

I have to break this out into two separate categories: [product] performance I have watched and [product] performance I have participated in.

For the former, I would have to say the most memorable was probably the first time I saw him playing with Levi on the floor rather than on a stage. I can’t remember the where or when, but the emotional impact of the performance was much stronger than the others.

For the later, it would be either the performance opening for Hive where we debuted the new lighting, or the show we played at the Tonic Lounge opening for Fractured and DYM. Both performances were incredibly fun.

Which [product] song is your favorite to play live?

Brackish, hands down. The breakdown is incredibly fun; I love jumping around and beating my chest to the snare.

If you could choose any band to tour with, from any time period, which would you choose?

I would love to tour with Die Sektor some time. They were great to open for, they’re one of my biggest influences and incredibly pleasant people!

Live Member Profile: Levi

Levi has been playing live keys for [product] for a number of years. He was the first live member I recruited for this project and I was excited to find that he was on board to play largely improvisational work live instead of just ho-humming away at the synth lines I had already written. The addition of Levi came right before [product]’s first (and only to date,) international venture to Canada. His energy and additions have made a great atmosphere for the live shows! 

What was the first industrial album you purchased?

It was probably Machines of Loving Grace, self-title. I couldn’t find this awesome 2 dark park album that my friend had let me listen to.

What has been the most influential industrial album to your own music?

It’s a three way tie between Skinny Puppy: the Process, Project Pitchfork: Eon: Eon and Big Black: songs about fucking.

What are you currently listening to most often?

It’s a heavy rotation between Project Pitchfork: Black, OhGr: unDeveloped and The Refused: the Shape of Punk to Come

Which [product] live performance has been the most memorable?

Probably the one at the Love Craft when all the Rose City Rollers showed up. They seemed like they had a lot of fun.


Which [product] song is your favorite to play live?

I have a few: Ensemble Of Sirens, Lungs full of water, Today I Swept Footprints from Ruins.

If you could choose any band to tour with, from any time period, which would you choose?

The Who, David Bowie, Big black. More realistic answers Project Pitchfork, Ambassador 21.

Promotional Photo shoot by Tom Good 

Shallow Graves Announcement:

Just announced officially! The new [product] album “Shallow Graves” will be out January 2014 on Vendetta Music! 

Check out the Vendetta Music Soundcloud page for a full length preview of one of the new tracks: Call To The Moon

Mini Tour thing was cancelled! But no fear, we continue onward! The album has been submitted and has an official release date! More news coming soon - stay posted!

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Brand new shirts up at the Official Webstore

I am happy to announce that I have finally completed the mixes for “Shallow Graves" and they are uploading as I type this! It is crazy to think that "I, Omega" came out less than a year ago. More announcements will be coming up here in the next few months as well. There are some things that we cannot say out loud yet, but keep your eyes out for updates! 

Secondly! our little mini-tour in October that none of you know about is very quickly falling through the cracks - but fuck it! We’re playing house shows and art galleries in last minute shows up and down the west coast. The show that is set up thought is in Salt Lake City, Utah! 

TechNoir presents:
[product] + reakt[ion] live @ AREA 51!